Help Save Lives by Clearing HydrantsKeep them Clear

Time is of the essence during a fire emergency, and every second matters. Following a snowfall, some fire hydrants in Vadnais Heights can become a little hidden under the snow. That's where you can make a difference!

The brave firefighters of Vadnais Heights require a three-foot cleared area around each fire hydrant, as well as a three-foot wide path leading to it from the street. We invite all residents to join the "Adopt-A-Hydrant" movement in their neighborhoods and ensure these life-saving resources are easily accessible after every snowfall.

If you're physically unable to shovel a hydrant on your property, we kindly encourage you to reach out to a neighbor for assistance. Together, we can help keep our community safe and ensure that our firefighters have quick and easy access to the hydrants they need.

If you are already unofficially adopting a hydrant, thank you for your continuous invaluable support!

Adopt-A-Hydrant Map

This GIS map is designed to assist our community in organizing the Adopt-A-Hydrant work being done throughout the city. We encourage everyone to have fun with it and get creative by naming the hydrant they adopt. It's a great way to show your community spirit and contribute to the safety of our neighborhoods. Please keep in mind that any information you input on the map can be seen publicly. If you'd like to stay informed about adopting a hydrant and receive related updates, please sign up using the email link below. Let's work together to keep our city safe and vibrant!

Adopt a Hydrant Map