Licensed Solicitors and Tree Removal Services

The following businesses have permits with the City to perform door to door soliciting or tree removal services:


Tree Removal Services

  • A Tree Service
  • Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Birch Tree Care
  • Bratt Tree Company
  • Davey Tree Expert Company
  • Forest Stump Tree Service, LLC
  • Gold Leaf Tree Services, Inc.
  • Hugo's Tree Care
  • Langer's Tree Service, LLC
  • New Horizons Tree and Landscaping
  • NWI Tree Service & Landscaping
  • Precision Landscape and Tree
  • Primo Tree Experts, LLC
  • Rainbow Tree Company
  • Sav-A-Tree, LLC
  • Vineland Tree Care
  • YTS Companies

Report Unlicensed Solicitors or Tree Removal Services

If the solicitor or tree removal service does not have a permit, contact Ramsey County Sheriff’s office at their non-emergency number 651-767-0640.  Please provide the company name of the unlicensed solicitor and where they have been seen soliciting.