Bluebird Grove PUD

The City Council tabled action on the requests in this case at the April 20 meeting. The original 120-day review timeline has been extended by the applicant. Please contact Planning/Community Development Director Nolan Wall with any questions at 651-204-6027 or


East of McMenemy, South of Colleen Drive and West of Bear Avenue North

About the Project

Bluebird Grove is a proposed 19-lot single family residential development that will be developed on 8.85 acres.

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Application Process – Next Steps

The Planning Commission and City Council conducted public hearings concerning the Concept Planned Unit Development (PUD) Plan in late 2020 (see below for more information).  The developer submitted an application package on February 18 that included Final PUD Plan, Rezoning (R-1 to PUD), Minor Subdivision, and Preliminary Plat applications for review and consideration.  Notices will be sent out to surrounding property owners and published in the Vadnais Heights Press for all upcoming meetings, which includes public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.  This webpage will continue to be updated with additional information as the process continues.  Please contact Planning/Community Development Director Nolan Wall with any questions at 651-204-6027 or  

General Information

SEH Stormwater Requirements Summary (PDF)

City Attorney Right-of-Way memo (PDF)
Wetland Delineation Report (PDF)
Wetland Conservation Act Notice of Decision (PDF)
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (PDF)
Plat of Edgerton Grove (PDF)
Bluebird Grove PUD Review Process (PDF)

Concept PUD Information

March 23, 2021 Planning Commission Packet
Concept Plan (PDF)
Concept Aerial (PDF)
Staff Report - 11/24/20 (PDF)
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes - 11/24/20 (PDF)
Request for Council Action - 12/1/20 (PDF)
Council Meeting Minutes - 12/1/20 (PDF)

Final PUD Information

Parks Commission Memo - 2/22/21 (PDF)
Plan Set (PDF)
Minor Subdivision Survey (PDF)
Preliminary Plat (PDF)
Wetland Buffer Cross Section (PDF)
Stormwater Drainage Report (PDF)
Bluebird Grove PUD Narrative (PDF)
Staff Report 3/23/21 (PDF)
DRAFT Planning Commission Minutes 3/23/2021 (PDF)