Create Your Own Amphibian Sound Map

Step One - Learn

Learn a little bit about frogs and toads in our area.
Use our Fact Cards, or do your own research at home!

Listen to calls here.

Step Two - Prepare

Gather Supplies: 

  • Blank paper
  • Clipboard (or anything hard you can use to write on)
  • Pencil
  • Any art supplies you prefer (optional)
  • Blanket or beach towel (optional)

Head to a park or other place near your home where frogs and toads live - think about what you learned in step one! 

Step 3 - Create

Settle into a comfortable place to create your sound map! 

Start by drawing what you see around you, then add notes about where you hear sounds. Include your guesses about who is making the sounds. Check back here to confirm!

Step 4 - Share

Share your maps with us! Post a picture to social media and tag us! 

Example Map