County Road F/Centerville Road – Proposed Apartment Development

At their December 4, 2018 meeting, the City Council approved Rezoning, Planned Unit Development, Site Plan, and Preliminary Plat requests to construct two, three-story, 70-unit apartment buildings on the northwest quadrant of the County Road F/Centerville Road intersection.  The City is currently drafting a Development Agreement for City Council consideration at a later date.

The zoning/land use history of the subject property is as follows:
Comprehensive Plan Update Future Land Use Change Zoning Change Ordinance
1990 Commercial/4-8 Dwelling Units/Park (no change) C-1/R-2 (no change)  N/A
2000 Commercial/4-8 Dwelling Units to Residential
4-8 units/acre
C-1 to R-2 549
2011 Residential 4-8 units/acre to High Density Residential R-2 to R-3 643
DRAFT 2018 High Density Residential (no change) R-3 (no change) N/A
  1. Proposal Details
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The City has compiled the following information from historical records, including maps, meeting minutes and reports:
Historical Zoning - Land Use Maps (PDF)
2011 Meeting Materials and Minutes - Rezoning Action (PDF)

The proposed development includes the following:
  • Two 70-unit buildings on approximately 16 acres (140 total units at 8.7 units/acre)
  • Market-rate project, no public subsidy request (rents ranging from $1,000-$2,000/month)
  • Three-story buildings with pitched roofs
  • Approximately 10 acres of wetland preserve, not proposed to be developed
  • Underground parking in each building
  • One driveway access onto Centerville Road (no access to County Road F)
Applicant Narrative (PDF) updated 9/20/18
Plans (PDF) updated 10/12/18
Traffic Assessment - Trip Generation Update (PDF)
Traffic Assessment - July 2018 (PDF)
Hydrology Report (PDF) updated 10/12/18
Wetland Delineation Report (PDF)
Planning Staff Report for 10/23/18 Planning Commission Agenda (PDF) 
Planning Staff Report for 11/20/18 City Council Agenda (PDF)
Planning Staff Report for 12/4/18 City Council Agenda (PDF)
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PLEASE NOTE: The plans are subject to pending staff review to determine whether the application is complete and may be subject to revisions prior to being considered by the Planning Commission and City Council.