Koehler Road Task Force

A Task Force of residents and stakeholders is studying alternatives for pedestrian/bicycle safety near Koehler Road, between Edgerton Street and County Road E/Centerville Road.  A series of meetings are being held over 2019 and information will be published on this page.  The Task Force will ultimately be reviewing a Feasibility Study and making recommendations to the City Council.

Please contact City Administrator Tim Sandvik with any additional questions at tim.sandvik@cityvadnaisheights.com or 651-204-6013.

Alternatives Analysis

Following the December 6, 2018 Task Force meeting, staff worked to establish parameters for an “Alternatives Analysis”. The Alternatives Analysis is a high level overview of the priorities set by the Task Force in conjunction with the engineering firm, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH). After discussion with SEH, staff brought these parameters and the responding proposal from SEH to the March 19 City Council Workshop.

Upon Council’s approval of the Alternatives Analysis using previously budgeted dollars, the study was completed and brought back to a Council Workshop on May 21 for discussion. The Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission also discussed the Alternatives Analysis at their July 8 meeting. The complete Alternatives Analysis is attached below.

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