Medallion Hunt

Congrats to Tony Weber and Ben Fischer for finding the medallion at Lily Pond Park!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the hunt this year! 


The Medallion Hunt will begin Monday, August 15, 2022


Clues will be posted to this page, at City Hall, Community Park and Kohler Meadows Park, and on the medallion hotline at 651-204-6017.

Find the medallion and win a $200 prize!

Clue #1 - Monday, August 15, 2022

Stop the bummin, it’s been a long time comin.
Welcome back to our signature series.
Not to come off rude, but get off the tube! 
There will be no rest for the weary. 

“Signature Series” and “get off the tube” refers to the nearby TV cable line marker close to the treasure. The marker actually says “Signature Series” on it. The last line tells you it will be a long walk to the treasure. 

Clue #2 - Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Sending directives, to all you detectives.
What you seek awaits cloaked and concealed.
Peace and pleasure, comes with Vadnais treasure.
Keep your search west of the red and blue shield.

The first two lines tell you that you will need to look carefully for the treasure as it was sandwiched between two leafs and wrapped with green tape. A water lily symbolizes “Pleasure and Peace”, hinting at Lily Pond Park. The red and blue shield refers to the 35E highway shield. 

Clue #3 - Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Become a striver, and swing your driver.
That poor ball sits bracing for impact.
From the motherland, working hand in hand.
There is no wrecking this spruce wrapped pact.


The first two lines are referring to Fairway Collision and Automotive shop close to Lily Pond Park and the treasure’s location. Kohler and Moosbrugger worked hand in hard with each other producing cheese (spruce wrapped) at their dairy farms. Moosbrugger’s plot was right where the treasure’s location was and where Lily Pond Park is today. Moosbrugger’s cottage was also located exactly where Fairway Collision and Automotive is today. 

Clue #4 - Thursday, August 18, 2022

Whatever you do, be sure to follow through.
It takes skills to be a wizard of dribble.
If your feeling hot, then take your shot.
You might just solve this hard but soft riddle.


The “wizard of dribble” is a nickname for Stanley Matthews, a famous soccer player, Lily Pond Park has soccer. “Hard but soft riddle” refers to the street just to the north of the treasurer’s location called Cottonwood Place (hard and soft). If you were to (follow through) in a direct line with the street south, it would point directly at the treasure’s location by the green algae pond. 

Clue #5 - Friday, August 19, 2022

As the morning looms, the yellow dwarf blooms.
Casting rays on the sweet hills like broadband.
A tip of grandma’s hat, who’s next at bat?
Find treasure growing on this old farmland.

The first line is a reference to Sunflower Ct near Lily Pond Park. “Sweet Hills” is a reference to the Raspberry Hills neighborhood development. “Broadband” is another reference to the nearby TV cable marker very close to the treasure, it says Broadband on it. “Grandma’s hat” is a reference to Columbine Ct near Lily Pond Park. the Columbine plant is known as Grannys’ Bonnet. “Next at bat” is a baseball/softball reference, Lily Pond Park has baseball/softball. “Find treasure growing” is a reference again to how its hidden, sandwiched between two leafs made it look like it was growing on the tree. Lily Pond Park and the surrounding area was part of the Moosbrugger farmland. 

​Clue #6 - Saturday, August 20, 2022

Please excuse my French, but what in the bench?
Is it the Moosbrugger or Kohler plot?
Theoretically, linked to a delicacy.
A pair of lions guard the entrance lot.

A well known French delicacy is frog legs, hinting at Lily Pond Park. Near the entrance parking lot there are two benches with a plaque on them stating that the benches were donated by the LIONS Club. 

​Clue #7 - Sunday, August 21, 2022

Ribbit! Ribbit! Private land we prohibit!
Be mindful when hopping from pad to pond.
If you wish to prevail, head down the trail.
Autotrophs and treasure hold a close bond.

There’s no time to stall, quickly ride the wall.
Round the curve you’ll find the break with ease.
To pluck the loot, just follow the root.
I guess money really does grow on trees.

X marks the spot.