Homeowner Resources

Programs for Qualifying Ramsey County Residents

Energy Conservation Deferred Loan

Up to $6,500 is available to qualifying residents of Ramsey County for select energy conservation upgrades, including new furnaces, boilers, and insulation. Make no payments, pay no interest, and owe nothing when you own your home for ten years! Income restrictions apply. Contact the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) at 651-221-4462, ext. 132 or visit the Neighborhood Energy Connection website for more information.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps pay for home heating costs and furnace repairs for income qualified households.  Grants are available for renters or homeowners, for households with income at or below 50 percent of the state medium income, and based on energy cost, household size, and income.  For more information on the application process call 800-657-3710 or visit the MN Commerce website

Residential Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program

Home improvement deferred payment loans for up to $15,000 may be used for basic and necessary improvements that make your home more livable, more energy efficient, or more accessible for disabled persons. There is no interest and no monthly payment. Income restrictions apply. Contact The Housing Resource Center at 651-486-7401 or visit the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMC) website.

Minnesota Housing Fix Up Loan

This is a home improvement loan for up to $50,000 at a fixed interest rate for improvement projects for up to 20 years. These loans can be used to repair, remodel, or keep your home warm. Contact the Housing Resource Center at 651-486-7401 or visit the GMC website.

Minnesota Housing Rehabilitation Loan

This is a no-interest deferred loan for very low-income homeowners. Maximum loan amount is $27,000 to make improvements that directly affect the safety, livability or energy efficiency of your home. Contact The Housing Resource Center at 651-486-7401 to learn if you qualify and to apply for this loan. For additional information, visit the GMC website.

Minnesota Housing Emergency Loan

This is a no-interest deferred loan for very low-income homeowners to finance repairs that address emergency conditions that are an immediate threat to health or safety. Essential accessibility improvements for a disabled resident are also eligible. The maximum loan amount is $15,000. Contact The Housing Resource Center at 651-486-7401 or visit a GMC website.


Metro Paint-A-Thon helps low-income seniors and people with permanent physical disabilities living in Hennepin and Ramsey counties continue to live independently in their own homes. Each summer, particularly the first weekend of August, teams of volunteers will scrape, prime, and paint exteriors of homes, garages or other structures at no cost to the homeowner. Interested homeowners and agencies can find more program details, including eligibility requirements by visiting the Paint-A-Thon website. Questions about Metro Paint-A-Thon? Contact Molly Chandler at 612-276-1579.