Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day Information

Clean out those garages, basements, and yards as part of the community clean-up day.  The City will hold another clean-up day in April 2016.  
This clean-up day service is available to residents. Please be prepared to show proof of residency and to help unload your vehicle. Items should be separated before arriving at the collection site.

Accepted items for disposal include rubbish, tires, major appliances, furniture, carpeting, large ferrous metals, construction materials, electronics, computer, and household hazardous waste. A charge for disposal of these items will be determined when you arrive. Accepted recyclables include newspapers, magazines, paper, boxboard, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and plastics #1 through #7. There is no charge for recycling.
Brush and compost materials are not accepted as part of the clean-up days. Please visit the County’s brush drop off/compost site to dispose of these items. There is no charge for disposal at the County facility.

Approximate charges:

Car trunk loads

$ 7.00 to $13.00

Small pick up loads

$16.00 to $26.00

Full size pick up loads

$20.00 to $33.00

Small truck loads (1 ton)

$33.00 to $40.00

Large truck loads

$46.00 to $65.00

Car tires (with rim)

$ 3.00

Tires (over size)

$ 7.00 to $20.00

Major appliances


Air conditioners, dehumidifiers


Refrigerators, Freezers






Computer Monitor


TV or any CRT


There is no charge for Household Hazardous Waste.

All charges will be assessed on a per load evaluation.

For questions or more information, please email joseph.momsen.