Street Maintenance

The goal of street maintenance is to keep City streets in good condition to avoid costly repairs and reconstruction. Accordingly, the City Council adopted the City's Pavement Management Policy in 1991 to direct the maintenance of the City's roads.

The City performs pothole patching, isolated street and curb repairs and crack sealing as part of routine maintenance operations.  The cost for this work, completed by city staff or contractors, is funded by taxpayer dollars.  Public works staff determine the areas to be maintained on a yearly basis.

Other street projects include mill and overlay, bituminous replacement or total reconstruction. The approach taken for a street is determined, in part, by the rating it receives from Public Service staff. These projects are beyond normal maintenance.  The street rating is based on a number of factors, including original design, age, traffic volumes, underlying soil conditions and drainage patterns.  The severity of each winter and freeze thaw cycles also impacts our roads.

These non-maintenance projects involve special assessments to the benefited properties. Neighborhood informational meetings and public hearings are held for every mill and overlay, bituminous replacement and total reconstruction project proposed. Notices are sent by U.S. mail to affected properties, and legal notices are published in the Vadnais Press and posted in City Hall and on our website.

The City Council is ultimately responsible for deciding which streets will be included in the Street Management Plan for a specific year.

In addition to roadway repairs and maintenance, City crews are responsible for maintaining sidewalks, bituminous trails, rights-of-way and some streetscaping. Highway 96 and County Road E are two examples of streetscapes maintained by the City.  If you have any questions or comments about any streets or other City features, please contact City Engineer Mark Graham at 651.204.6050 or at mark.graham

Some roadways in Vadnais Heights are Ramsey County streets. These include Highway 96; County Roads D, E, and F; McMenemy Street; Labore Road; Centerville Road; Koehler Road and Edgerton Street south of Vadnais Boulevard. For issues regarding these streets, please contact Ramsey County Public Works at 651.266.7100.


If you're aware of a pothole please alert Public Works by calling 651.204.6000 or by sending an email message to joseph.momsen.