Organics Recycling

Organic waste is any waste that comes from a plant or animal and is compostable (or biodegradable) such as food scraps, non-recyclable paper, coffee grounds, dryer lint etc. Recycling your food scraps and other organic waste returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health. 

Get Started

Organics recycling can be accomplished in four easy steps:
  1. Visit City Hall to pick up a free starter kit. The starter kit includes a small kitchen caddy, compostable bags and tips for success.
  2. Fill up your compostable bags with organics recycling. For a list of accepted/unaccepted items, visit
  3. Bring it to a collection site for free disposal.
  4. Pick up more compostable bags at City Hall.
If you are unable to visit City Hall during business hours to pick up a starter kit and compostable bags, you can also get them at any Ramsey County yard waste site

Vadnais Heights Organics Recycling Drop-Off Site

New in 2019, the city has a free organics drop-off site for Vadnais Heights residents located next to the South Fire Station (3595 Arcade St. N). The site will be accessible to residents in the parking lot south of the Fire Station and City Hall

Ramsey County Organics Recycling Drop-Off Sites

All Ramsey County residents have the opportunity to recycle their organic waste for free at any Ramsey County Yard Waste site. For a list of all locations, see the Ramsey County Organics Recycling Drop-Offs page.

Compost at Home

Recycle your organics in your own backyard! Learn more about how to compost your organic waste at home. For more information, read the Backyard Composting flyer (PDF).


For questions, visit or or call 651-633-EASY (3279), which is answered 24/7.