Recreational Fire Ordinance

People often enjoy sitting in their yards, having fun gathered around an outdoor fire. To keep you and your family safe, please pay attention to the recreational fire ordinance. Among other things, the ordinance says: “Recreational fires” are small fires for cooking or other recreational purposes and not for the purpose of disposing of any refuse or other material. Such fires shall:
  • Be located no closer than 35 feet from a principal structure, 25 feet away from any other structure, and 10 feet from a lot line;
  • Be located within a fire pit surrounded by rocks, concrete, or metal;
  • Not exceed three feet in diameter or three feet in height;
  • Not be allowed if wind is causing smoke to blow into other homes;
  • Be constantly attended by a responsible adult;
  • Be located near a readily available supply of water, such as a garden hose;
  • Not be located within five feet in any direction from any combustible material;
  • Be limited to one location on a parcel of property;
  • Be subject to the fire marshal's authority to place a ban on recreational fires.